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When I Started AM&M in Louisburg two years ago, my missions was simple: Meet the goals and needs of the clients so they can have the quality of life they want.

I didn’t want to just provide a service, but to create lasting relationships with each and every client.

Our view is a quality massage treatment plan tailored to each individual clients needs, it is a partnership between myself/therapist and the client. This devotion and trusted bond is what sets our team apart from the norm.

Over the years, we grew; Our views, our services and our community.

Our community became family and we want the best for our family.

Our small one therapist massage shop has grown into a community wellness center.  We offer thoughtful high quality therapeutic massage with supportive modalities(a variety of different approaches and methods/tools) to get lasting results.  We also believe feeling good is also a mental state, we offer meditation and stretch classes for beginners and non-floor clients. We provide self-care seminars and we have free monthly classes.

Getting to know us
Owner and Massage Therapist(Andrea Noyce NCLMBT17302) Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and giving away a spring bunny watercolor
Getting to know us
Start where you are: Laura, a personal trainer, instructor, stretch therapist and soon to be massage therapist, doing our free community class. Don’t worry this is for beginners and non-floor people. You start right where you are physically and we help you accomplish your personal goals.
Getting to know us
Since feeling better takes more than one modality. We offer a variety of classes, this is a community member teaching Spanish style guitar, free to the community.