Louisburg Massage & Community Wellness Center

Do I need to get a massage?

Short and general answer is probably yes. Massage can be used for a wide range of things and that is due to a variety of styles. Common view of massage, is that it is a luxury, “I’m going to treat myself “, but massage is part of healthcare WITH THE RIGHT THERAPIST.  We are not all created equal and specialize in different things.  My approach is more medical or therapeutic, this is due to my background in nursing.  Can I give a relaxing massage yes and we offer that but, the people I tend to see “have problems” and so I see a large scope of clients.  Here is a list of why I see some clients.

  • Headaches/migraines
  • Pain: acute or chronic
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Pre/post surgery
  • Stress and anxiety
  • PMS/endometriosis/ low back and leg pain from period/cramps
  • Hit a block in their workouts, pre/post event, slower recovery
  • Oncology(cancer)
  • Manual lymphatic drainage/swelling/edema
  • Constipation
  • Injury that has them bedridden
  • Wanting to become physically active but are “out of shape” (not my words)
  • Needs safe and therapeutic touch. A lot of widows come in for this and that is ok.
  • Decreased range of motion (legs, arms, neck)
  • Complications walking
  • Can not go up and down stairs
  • Low energy
  • Car accidents
  • Falls
  • Tennis elbow/carpel tunnel/”shoulder issues”
  • “I need me time”
  • Receiving chiropractic or physical therapy
  • Kids with headaches/in sports or competitive activities/stress
  • Poor posture
  • Arthritis


As you can see there are so many reasons for someone to see me (a therapeutic therapist) and the list is not even complete.  I can not “cure” anything or anyone. ( I wish I could wave that magic wand but I can’t.)  What I can do and what I do, is listen to you, figure out if it’s something I can help with. I think about what I can do within my scope of practice, is this muscular/structure/connective tissue, talk with you about your current life and what is your goals for health and figure out a path for you to achieve them.  Sometimes that might be without me or working along with other healthcare professionals. I help you listen to your body and will try different approaches to }nd the one that works for you.

What Should I Wear?

My goal is that you are physically and mentally/emotionally comfortable. Well, what does it mean when a therapist says “undress to your comfort level”? It means just that, I will never ever, ever see any “private” areas EVER! Proper draping is essential and is followed adamantly. Most therapist have the skill and knowledge to work within your boundaries and you get to set those. I see people all over on the “comfort level”.  I would say for your first session, wear something comfy.
I will give some typical situations and what was worn and general style/vibe of those massages. Relaxing Swedish: Naked/only underwear(once again nothing “private” will be exposed): Some oil is used(I am not a big oil user but therapist vary).